Who we are ?

Welcome to PMP Academy

PMP Academy is an online Arabic institution in business management and influential leadership. PMP Academy has a comprehensive approach with a clear vision towards its goals. PMP Academy includes professional instructors who could teach more than 300 students. The academy’s gates have been equipped to make it easier for digital scholars to enter their destinations and shorten their time.


Enhancing creative engineers


Providing a technical-scientific environment to provide engineers with the knowledge, build flexible curricula, and accredit them from international organizations. This makes PMP Academy a pioneer in motivating engineers to reach their desires.


  • Developing a specialized project management system to obtain the best results and exceed tests.
  • Designing a flexible curriculum compatible with the requirements of engineers, to boost information and scientific enrichment.
  • Creating a community of engineers to share and mature experiences through the PMP Academy.
  • Developing the stereotype of engineers that they are the leaders and creators of society.
  • Facilitating access to certificates and credits by streamlining information and translating it.