Common questions

Anyone above eighteen can join the academy. Students must agree to the terms and conditions of PMP Academy.

PMP Academy depends on e-learning. Students can attend the private lectures of their registered classes if they want or if they are absent. This happens according to the terms and conditions of PMP Academy .

Of course, you can with pleasure it’s all yours. All rights reserved to PMP Academy .

The student has the right to ask the Academy Council for another chance if he can’t pass the final test. Your request is often accepted and the council allows submitting again.

PMP Academy council consists of the coordinator, General superintendent of the Academy, registration officer,the head of quality section, and the student's lawyer.

If it was a live study , you can write the question to the instructor . The student also can contact or send an email to the instructors of PMP Academy .

PMP Academy is an online academy. It consists of a group of specialists who want to spread specialized knowledge through the website of the Academy. You can contact us through the email address.

The syllabus of PMP Academy depends on a scientific way that matches the syllabus and manufacturing methods in Harvard university and other outstanding universities to make students be able to get their totalitarian vocabulary through specialists and experts in the field of creating syllabus . You can check it through this link.

PMP Academy has a group of instructors who have the ability to outreach and teach the syllabus at a specific time.

According to the Academic calendar of PMP Academy , there are 8 hours. The Academic schedule is available; you can check it.

Yes, PMP Academy gives an accredited completion certificate. You can check the certification through this link.

All people who are studying PMP and workering in this field. Also if you are one of those people interested in studying PMP or interested in this field, this academy is your gate to success.

Investing in knowledge is a feature of time. PMP Academy gains only 400$ for this amazing investment. PMP Academy offers the ability of getting all your money back during your study period. There is no other additional cost.

Studying in the academy is assessed through clear and specific ways. It is 10% for attendance and 60% for the last test, distributed as follows:
  • If you get 50% or above, you will pass.
  • More than 70% means Good.
  • More than 80% means Very Good.
  • More than 90% means Excellent.

You can pay by credit cards like VISA or MASTER CARDS. You also can pay by your PAYPAL, VODAFONE CASH or through WESTERN UNION.

PMP Academy teaches the principles of PMP from A to Z. It talks about the definition of PMP, its importance and its different classifications. PMP Academy also talks about the applied aspect if you want to get a certification of PMP, as well as the tools that enable those interested to take the lead in this industry. CHECK THIS LINK.

Yes, ERTEKAZ is our marketing agency in Saudi Arabia. You can be in touch with them through this link.

PMP Academy adopts online learning that has a comprehensive approach with unique educational methods. PMP Academy includes professional instructors in addition to 5 special features to its students:
  • Providing the student with a professional biography designed by the Academy; To be recognized by investors, companies, and brand owners.
  • Getting silver membership in the international PMP association.
  • Having free tickets to the conference of "Future of PMP" that is organized by the international PMP association in July 2022.
  • Obtaining the golden ticket of IDEMES, which offers you a 50% discount on its products.
  • Receiving 10 books from the academy as a gift for you. These Books will improve your knowledge.

Yes, the academy contributes in publishing your CV in the forum of PMP Academy to be recognized by investors and companies who are searching for professionals in this field.

We upload the certification with an academic number . it’s guaranteed by the website. It will be available for a year after graduation. You will receive it with its academic number to put it on your CV.

There are many important conferences specialized in studying PMP. The "Future of PMP" conference on 15/11/2022 marked a milestone in specialized conferences. The Academy will participate through its students and give them free tickets to attend the conference.